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COURTS   OF   PARISg   NAPLES,   ETC*                  33

ment to a cause he considered just and honour-
able. His body was discovered next day buried
under leaves, having been dragged thither from
the place of combat. A ball had penetrated his
brain,; his hat was full of powder and even smoke,,
and the pistol he held in his hand was battered,
evidently by the resistance he made to the unfair
approach of his murderer. It seems as if he had
shot and missed, and then his adversary ran in
and assassinated him, a forester having heard two
pistols at the distance of two minutes of time.
The survivor has been traced, but it is supposed,
In consequence of the unfortunate youth's dying
request contained in a letter to his father, that
the pursuit will be stopped.

i8&. Went to Versailles. No the at Madame
de Polignac's, as all the set went to the King's
room to make his partie*

Madame Campan informed me of the Queen
of Naples having been delivered of a dead child,
in consequence of the Spanish minister's language
to her by orders of his master. He accused her
of having General Acton for her lover, to which
she answered, **I will have his picture drawn by
the best painter in Italy, and his bust made by
the best sculptor, and both sent to the King of
Spain, who may judge whether his, is a figure for

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